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  • NMA Building Inauguration Program
  • NMA Building Inauguration Program
  • KTM Post Earthquake Psychosocial Training
  • Bhaktapur Post Earthquake Psychosocial Training
  • Follow up Training on Post Earthquake Psychosocial
  • Expressions of concern to Japanese Earthquake Victims
  • Health Minister Visit
  • Deputy Prime Minister Visit
  • Earthquake Relief Fund
  • Relief program in Nuwakot District with collaboration with HKMA
  • Succor distributed to earth quake victims
  • Succor distributed to earth quake victims.
  • Press Conference of NMA
  • NMA Strike at TUTH
News & Press
Press Release of NMA
2072 Mansir 17


Press Release of NMA
9 Mansir 2072


प्रेस विज्ञप्ति

संविधानसभाबाट नेपालको संविधान २०७२ प्रारम्भिक मस्यौदा आउनु अत्यन्तै सुखद पक्ष हो । नया संविधानका लागि नागरिकका विचार समेट्न संविधानको पहिलो मस्यौदा नाग...

Press Release


Press Release


Agreement with Govn and NMA
19 Chaitra 2071


Press Release
19 Chaitra 2071

उपरोक्त सम्बन्धमा नेपालको स्वास्थ्य क्षेत्र विद्यमान विकृती, विसंगति र तानाशाही प्रवृत्तिबाट मुक्त गराउनको लागि नेपाल चिकित्सक संघको अगुवाईमा गुणस्तरì...

प्रेश विज्ञप्ती
18 Chaitra 2071

नेपाल चिकित्सक संघले मिति २०७१ चैत्र १७ गते घोषणा गरेको बहिरंग सेवा बन्दको कार्यक्रमलाई कायम राख्दै देशभरका स्वास्थ्य संस्थामा आएका विरामीहरुलाई  उचित व...

Mission & Vision
Resume your active and healthy lifestyle


  • To uplift and preserve the professional standard, values and freedom of the members of NMA.
  • To carry out academic activities that increase the knowledge and skills of the medical doctors working in the kingdom.
  • To increase awareness among the people on different iss Read More

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Q. Why Should I join NMA?

A. Nepal Medical Association is the largest professional organization of medical doctors in Nepal. It was established on 4th March, 1951 with the goal of coordination, efficiency improvements and even pleading about needs and deeds of all our medical doctors. It has been striving with great zeal for th Read full answer

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